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Quality of RDS groups reception

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RDS-TMC message types received

Integrated Quality Management System
Collect and measure your data to evaluate, visualize and grow its quality.

Define Quality

Provide criteria and procedures to evaluate quality of service metadata, documentation, structure, distribution and content.

Store the Data

Collect live data, allow importing from archives. All formats (XML, DATEX II, JSON, RDS,...) are welcome.

Open Your Eyes

Link to each received sample. Decode RDS-TMC. Show long term quality attributes.

Grow Quality

Keep up with new source types and changing quality requirements.

Evaluation Procedures

DocsStructureDistributionContentEvaluation procedureWSRDS-TMCPhase
M: Completeness of service documentationPlanning
M: Usability of service documentationPlanning
M: Distribution qualityStaging
M: Structural qualityStaging
A: Distribution qualityProduction
A: Structural qualityProduction
A: Content qualityProduction
M: Overall quality of event based serviceAd hoc
M: Overall quality of status based serviceAd hoc
M: Content qualityAd hoc

Use Cases

Data Acquisition Your system needs data from external sources and you want to learn more about them. Ask for a data source audit. InQMS will collect real data, show it’s frequency, content, size (in bytes and number of records) and conformance to a schema. We may create distribution quality evaluation helping you implement a consuming system easily.

Quality Management You maintain a system producing data. With InQMS you will get tools to evaluate initial data quality, to evaluate day to day operational quality, get alerted when things go wrong. If anyone complains about your data, it will be quick and easy to find how things were working and resolve the root of the problem soon.

Archiving You consume or produce data and need to archive the data for whatever reason. With InQMS the storage capacity is large and as a bonus you will see long term metrics of your data plus each message will be easy to spot and access.

National Access Point - QA You run or supervise National Access Point (NAP) and want to monitor the content being really provided and it’s qualitative and quantitative parameters. Evaluation of provided format documentation shall be also well defined and easy to run.

Operations & Monitoring You are responsible for keeping data production systems in shape and continuously working. With InQMS you will have a nice overview together with customisable alerts fired when things go wrong.

Quality Transparency You have data you trust and want to make it’s quality visible to others. InQMS allows your clients or partners to log into secured web application and see how publishing, individual messages and long term quality is doing.

Data Sources

Web Services Accept HTTP requests (PUSH), fetch the data (PULL), use REST. Store snapshot messages directly, build snapshots from delta messages where needed.

RDS-TMC Get a stream of RDS packages or import from an archive. Decode RDS-TMC content and store it in the form of XML for further analysis.

Platforms & Integrations

Data Storage Store data in S3 (use Minio for inouse deployment). Store metrics in PostgreSQL (use TimescaleDB for huge sets).

View and Query Visualize content and metrics using Grafana. Use BaseX for ad hoc analysis using XQuery (for XML, JSON and CSV data).

Maintain Use GitLab to store documentation, procedures, track issues, run some automated tests. Use docker to easily extend existing functionality.
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Project Participants

TamTam Research s.r.o.

ČVUT v Praze

Project TH03010503 / Integrated Quality Measurement System (InQMS) was co-financed with the state support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic within the Epsilon Program.